NO cellphone recording in the room

Photography and filming are prohibited in this premise. Such acts or material will result in confiscation of your device and a fine of $1000.00 will be charged. 

Be smart, keep your phone in your pocket.

NO bags

There has been some confusion around operating as a motel. Usually in a normal motel you are able to BYO liquor, but we are a fully licensed premise which prevents customers from bringing their own alcohol onsite.

Therefore, no bags will be permitted into the room, unless you are bringing your own toys for an extra bit of fun and are happy to show us so. Otherwise please leave your bag in your car or at reception.


Book VS Meet

When you BOOK a girl, you are expected to go through with your commitment to her when you arrive. We may have declined other clients to allocate the time especially for you

If you want to MEET the girl first and then decide; that is absolutely fine, however when you contact us, please make it clear that you are not booking just yet. Keep in mind that her availability may change from when you contact us to when you arrive. You are welcome to meet all available girls at the time you arrive.

Choosing a lady

Make clear to the receptionist what kind of lady and service you are after. She is qualified to help you and point which ladies meet your criteria.

Be respectful

Some people look down on working girls and think they don’t deserve to be respected . This is the best recipe for disaster, after all, ladies have feelings too. Be polite and friendly they will respond with a great service. Remember YOU ARE NOT BUYING A LADY for an hour, you are only PAYING FOR AN HOUR OF HER SERVICE.

Constructive criticism

From time to time clients may have a complaint or a suggestion. Please don’t hesitate to speak to management or receptionist. We can only inform the girl about something that needs attention or improvement based on your feedback.

Personal hygiene

Sometimes I hear clients complaining that the girl didn't kiss him...   Although kissing is at the girl's discretion, a fresh mint breath helps. Not even your wife will kiss you if you have bad breath. We have mints and Listerine. Ask at the bar.

Nothing turns-off a person faster and more effectively than body odour.  Just as you want a lady who smells divine, she appreciates your effort to smell good too. Make good use of the shower and soap available in the room :)

Cum again

We say :  "You can if you can!" You are welcome to go for a second round if there is enough time left… (for 45min or 1hr bookings only)  Shower in between is mandatory. 

A 3rd shot is possible on Gold service.   If you are doing a short booking of 20min or 30min expect one shot only.


Discretion is key, whatever happens here, stays here

Whether this is your first or twentieth-first visit, your privacy is paramount. It is as important to us as it is to you.

We pride ourselves in maintaining confidentiality at ALL times and discretion is maintained during and after each visit.

Club 3 provides off-street parking at the front, side and back of the premises for added privacy.

We have a second private entrance that can be used to avoid the bar area if required upon calling the manager.

We also offer a more intimate room for our guests to get to know the ladies better.

Please phone or email for further information.